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Pierre Jeanniot delivers the keynote address to the APG World Connect Conference in Montreal

The Role of Boards in State Aviation Enterprises Keynote Address to the APG World Connect Conference Montréal, October 15, 2012  >> Distinguished participants: The socio-economic contribution of the aviation industry is very important to all countries. For aviation to be truly successful, the government needs to be a strong partner, and each aviation related organization […]

Pierre Jeanniot is inducted into the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame

Acceptance Speech Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame Gala Evening Montréal, June 14, 2012  >> Monsieur Le Président, Mr. Chairman of the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame, Tom Appleton, distinguished inductees past and present, mesdames, messieurs, ladies and gentlemen. First and foremost, I wish to express my most sincere gratitude to the Board and to the […]

Opinion piece by Pierre Jeanniot in La Presse

L’entretien des avions est devenu une industrie en elle-même: Au-delà de la main-d’œuvre, il faut des investisseurs, de bons gestionnaires et des équipements modernes La Presse – Opinion Piece Montréal, June 1, 2012  >> Le monde de l’aviation civile vit depuis une vingtaine d’années une transformation peu commune. La volatilité des coûts du carburant, les […]

State of the Industry – The Game Changers

State of the Industry – The Game Changers Keynote address to APG World Connect Singapore, November 3, 2011  >> Ladies and gentlemen, Singapore is a great place to meet! Singapore has been an acknowledged leader among those south-east Asian Tigers which blazed the way for the explosive economic growth this region is today enjoying. It […]

Keynote address to World Tourism Day – The Future of Aviation

Europe: Policies and Political Will Address to ‘World Tourism Day – Future of Aviation’ Helsinki, September 28, 2011  >> Mr. Chairman, distinguished speakers from the European Aviation Safety Agency the FINAVIA Corporation and of the Boeing Company, colleagues from the aviation community, friends from the tourism world. Distinguished guests, first let me express my sincere […]

Facing up to Air India

Facing up to Air India Opinion May 12, 2011  >> The Air India saga which is unfolding is beginning to look more and more like what happened to Sabena and possibly Alitalia. (To some extent, the Varig demise in Brazil has some similarities.) In Belgium and Italy, the governments mismanaged the airline for the longest […]

Address to Soirée des Lauréats

Soirée des Lauréats Allocution par Pierre J. Jeanniot – hommage à Louise Roy Montréal, Canada, 9 Novembre, 2009  >> Chers Lauréats, chers jeunes entrepreneurs, distingués invités, mesdames, messieurs, C’est pour moi une soirée doublement agréable D’une part parce que j’ai l’aimable tâche de faire l’éloge de l’une des deux personnalités éminentes qui sont à l’honneur […]

Keynote address to the APG World Connect Conference

Commercial Aviation: Challenges and Opportunities Keynote address to the World Connect APG Conference Monte Carlo, November 4, 2010  >> Ladies and Gentlemen: It is a real pleasure to be participating in this World Connect APG Conference. I understand this is only the second edition of this type of conference, dedicated largely to the commercial side […]

Address to the Canadian Aviation Historical Society

The History of Tomorrow Being Made Today Address to the Canadian Aviation Historical Society Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Canada, June 4, 2010  >> Mr. President, members of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society, ladies and gentlemen of the aviation community. I am most honored and very pleased to be associated with this historic event. An event which celebrates the […]