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Speech at the 14th Cannes Airline Forum

Adapting to Survive: An Industry Overview Keynote address to the 14th Cannes Airline Forum Cannes, October 26, 2005  >> Thank you, Mr. Chairman , for those kind words of introduction, and for the pleasure of being part of this 14th Airline Forum the annual event which gives us all the opportunity to take stock of […]

Black box obsolete, says Pierre Jeanniot

Black box obsolete, says Pierre Jeanniot Montreal, October 19, 2004  >> “The black box is obsolete”, says Pierre J. Jeanniot. “New technology is now available that would make the recovery and analysis of critical aircraft performance factors a much surer and faster task than it is today.” The Director General Emeritus of the International Air […]

Questions d’identité

Questions d’identité  >> Etre Canadien et citoyen du monde Au moment où l’Europe prend officiellement connaissance du projet de sa Constitution et que le Canada vient de commémorer la sienne, le 1er juillet, le moment est opportun de réfléchir, non seulement sur les rapports que le Canada entretient avec l’Europe, mais aussi sur l’évolution de […]