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COVID-19: Overview of the current situation

Civil aviation is a primary engine of the world travel and tourism sector.

This sector of the economy supports millions of jobs, generates major income, and makes a very significant contribution to the gross national product of many nations.

Because of its impact on the economy, and its importance to overall employment, there is much pressure from the various participants of this industry, firms, individual businesses, etc. to return as rapidly as possible to its previous level of activity.
But in order to achieve some level of return of this economic sector, many issues need to be overcome. This coronavirus is lethal and no vaccine or medication currently exist.

Governments are rightly concerned about the economic impact. People are scared and reluctant to travel – which could increase their exposure and possibility of getting COVID 19.

Bâtir l’UQAM

C’est dans un Québec en pleine transformation que Pierre J Jeanniot a joué l’un des rôles les plus importants de sa carrière. Arrivé à Montréal en 1947 avec sa mère dans l’espoir d’y vivre une vie meilleure que dans sa France d’origine, le jeune Pierre Jeanniot s’illustre à l’école par un talent indéniable et une certaine envie de rébellion. « J’ai été fichu à la porte trois fois! se rappelle-t-il. En dernière année, j’ai été privé de cours pendant les dernières semaines, mais j’ai quand même fini deuxième sur l’île de Montréal. »

What is going on at Boeing?

The B737-MAX saga illustrates a most unusual – and unfortunate – series of mishaps within the Boeing company which seems to affect many different dimensions of this important company. It questions the wisdom of extending one more time the B737 line, which was the last airplane designed by Boeing before the advent of the electronically […]

Some comments concerning the B.737-MAX current issue

We know that the cause of the two crashes … has been attributed to a failed sensor of the angle of attack … and the questionable behaviour of some the Manoeuvring Characteristic Augmentation System (MCAS). The LionAir accident resulted in 189 fatalities.  The Ethiopian crash caused 157 fatalities. The M.C.A.S. is the part of the […]

Nouveau don de 160 000 $ de la Fondation Jeanniot

Le 20 décembre dernier, la rectrice de l’UQAM, Magda Fusaro, et le directeur général de la Fondation de l’UQAM, Pierre Bélanger, ont accueilli Pierre J. Jeanniot à l’occasion de l’annonce d’un don de 160 000 $ de la Fondation Jeanniot. Cette somme permettra de bonifier le Fonds Pierre J. Jeanniot, qui octroie des bourses à […]