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Au revoir, Tony Tyler; Welcome Alexandre de Juniac

IATA’S EVENT >>  30 AUGUST 2016 >>  Distinguished guests, friends and former colleagues I am honored – and happy – to be part of this gathering on the occasion of “IATA’s Changing of the Guard”. I have had the privilege, over the past few years, to get to know Tony Tyler and to witness his […]

“Open Skies” or “Fair Skies”? That is the question

APG WORLD CONNECT October 29, 2015 – Marrakech THE GREAT DEBATE > “Open Skies” or “Fair Skies”? That is the question > Moderator Pierre Jeanniot  >> Having completed their respective consolidations, the three major U.S. airlines – namely United, Delta, and American – have been reaching a new height in profitability. The profit forecast for […]

Industry Overview and Issues

Industry Overview and Issues September 2015  >> For the airline industry, 2014 was a great year. IATA reported a global net profit of some 19.9 billion USD. This optimistic picture is continuing thus far in 2015, with a forecast industry net profit of 29.3 billion USD. However, we have yet to see the impact on […]

Assad Kotaite Memorial

ASSAD KOTAITE MEMORIAL Montreal, 27 February, 2015 “Man of Vision” – Address by Pierre J Jeanniot  >> Minister, President of the Council, Secretary General, Distinguished Panelists, ladies and gentlemen. I was one of the few people – I would venture to say – who felt comfortable to call Dr. Kotaite “Assad, my dear friend Assad”, […]

Association canadienne pour les Nations Unies – Grand Montreal – Pierre Jeanniot delivering the closing address

L’AVIATION INTERNATIONALE : VIVRE AVEC LES CONFLITS DANS LE VILLAGE GLOBAL Association canadienne pour les Nations Unies – Grand Montreal Montréal, le 19 novembre 2014 Allocution par Pierre J Jeanniot  >> Mesdames … Messieurs … Je suis évidemment très honoré de m’adresser aujourd’hui au chapitre Montréalais de l’Association Canadienne pour les Nations Unies. Une Association […]

APG Global Connect Conference, Monte Carlo

APG Global Connect Conference Summary and Closing Address Monte Carlo, October 29–31, 2014  >> This conference has focused on the year 2020 and attempted to describe – to the best knowledge of the participants and their ability to influence it – the shape of the aviation industry more than five years hence and the type […]

Pierre Jeanniot delivers keynote address at Destinations for All World Summit in Montreal

Access to the Future Keynote Address at Destinations for All World Summit Montreal, October 19–21, 2014  >> Mr. co-chairs, distinguished participants, esteemed guests. Ladies and gentlemen, Mesdames et Messieurs: This Conference is about freedom. Freedom of movement for anyone. Freedom for everyone. Freedom from any form of discrimination and particularly freedom from discrimination resulting from […]

Mirabel Airport – A Failed Dream

Canadian Hall of Fame’s magazine “The Flyer”, Fall 2014 edition. Mirabel Airport – A Failed Dream   >> Next year, 2015 will mark the 40th anniversary of the opening of Mirabel Airport – which may have gone down in history as one of the best examples of an ill-conceived project and chronic waste of tax-payers’ […]